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Masimo wearable allows patients to roam freely

In medicine, one thing is sure: Patients that spend a lot of time out of bed fare better. Masimo Corporation design their products with this fact in mind. The goal of the latest Masimo wearable is to allow patients to get up and walking as soon as possible.

The Radius-7 wireless monitor

Masimo wearable.

This small device attaches to patients’ arm. It measures their heart rate and breathing rate. Battery life is acceptable. When it’s close to empty, nurses can swap devices on the fly; thanks to the armband, the process takes less than 5 seconds. Radius-7 sends all data to a monitor station via Bluetooth. In case the patient gets out of range, the data are stored in the device until the connection resumes. Even in that case, the Masimo wearable can send out alerts via Wi-Fi if it detects something wrong.

This Masimo wearable will shine in patients post-surgery

The lack of ECG recording means that the Radius-7 won’t find wide use in cardiology. On the other hand, surgical patients stand to benefit from the device. In this group, early mobilization and simple monitoring are important for patient safety and recovery. The Radius-7 promises to help both.

Masimo’s next steps in the wearable market

The company keeps improving the software on the Radius-7. No plans for new hardware have been made public, which means that Masimo will continue to build on this platform in the future. Adding ECG support (perhaps using wearables like the VitalPatch) will expand its use in patients that suffer from heart problems. Masimo had better do it soon; big players are moving fast.

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