VitalPatch: The ultimate wearable sensor

The VitalPatch constitutes the latest high-tech bio-sensor produced by VitalConnect. Although being smaller than an iPhone X, it is capable to record continuous single lead electrocardiogram (ECG) for up to 5 days, which is more than two times longer than a standard Holter device. FDA has approved its use for patients monitoring during hospitalization or at home.

  • 5 days continuous monitoring including ECG
  • Extremely light with small dimensions and water resistant
  • Cloud storage of all data

Key features: Features that make VitalPatch special

  • The sensors of the patch continuously track the following bio-data for up to 5 days: single lead ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, body temperature, body posture, activity  and fall detection.
  • The patch stores all data for up to 10 hours and then transfers it via Bluetooth to a Samsung Tablet with special software, the VistaTablet. The tablet stores the data on the cloud.
  • Each patch is disposable and is designed to be used once, in order to prevent bacteria contamination among different patients. No recycling options of its parts is available.

User friendly design

  • Its relatively small dimensions (120x40x9.5 mm) combined with its featherweight build (only 13 grams) mean that the VitalPatch is almost unnoticeable. It can be placed at two different sites on the torso.
  • Is it actually so perfect? Although described as waterproof, tests with the VitalPatch revealed that such claims don’t hold water (pun intended). Wearing it for more than 3 days may irritate the skin

Making the physician’s work easier

Multiple patches can be connected wirelessly to the telemonitoring platform. Physicians can check patient status at any time, without the need of expensive medical equipment.  

Take home message

The VitalPatch is an all-around wearable biosensor, ready to alter the way clinical monitoring is performed for in- and outpatients alike. Our only concern is that it is not rechargeable nor recyclable, which we hope will change in the version.

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