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Heartbeat Health teams up with the ACC

Good news for digital cardiology: Heartbeat Health teamed up with The American College of Cardiology (ACC). Their goal is to provide cardiologists with their top-of-the-line platform for digital patient care.

Heartbeat Health needed the publicity

As we previously said in our review of Heartbeat Health, theirs is a well thought-out platform. Their problem was that there was little to make their service stand out from similar offerings. An official endorsement by the ACC will surely bring well-deserved attention (as well as users) to Heartbeat’s online platform.

Joining forces? Not yet

For now, this cooperation is little beyond an official endorsement by the ACC. In the future, it is very likely that it might turn to a full-blown alliance. Heartbeat’s ever growing big data could prove very useful for ACC-run studies for purposes such as risk scores development or Phase IV clinical studies.

What does this mean for patients?

As more and more doctors sign up on the platform, they will be able to offer their patients the ability to integrate their cardiovascular health to the Heartbeat platform. The app will assist the patient with their usual self-care (i.e. taking pills, measuring blood pressure etc.) as well as enable HIPAA-compliant video calls with their doctor. In these troubled times of the COVID-19 pandemic, patients and doctors alike are trying to limit physical visits to the bare minimum. By enabling high-quality remote follow-up, Heartbeat’s platform lets them have the cake and eat it too. It was about time an organization as large as the ACC took note.

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