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Ultromics’ AI-driven ultrasound measurements were vital for WASE COVID

Ultromics is a global health technology firm which provides AI echocardiography analysis. Their software was critical for the success of WASE COVID, a study in which right ventricular and left ventricular dysfunction was found to be common and ominous in COVID-19 patients.

Echo Go: deformation imaging made easy

Already in use in the NHS, EchoGo runs behind the scenes and uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to automate studies within minutes. The algorithm auto selects best views, draws echocardiographic borders and automates strain and ejection fraction analysis, then sends a report back with the original study, to support clinical decisions. Ultromics achieved CE mark for its EchoGo Core module in April, after receiving FDA clearance for its AI service in early January.

WASE COVID – trial by fire

The World Alliance Societies of Echocardiography (WASE-COVID) Study initially set out to see the state of healthy normal hearts across the world. Then COVID-19 happened; the researchers knew that they could contribute immensely to our understanding of the disease’s effect on the heart. By adapting their research with special consideration to COVID-19, and with the invaluable assistance of Ultromics’ AI, they came up with very interesting results.

AI outperforms humans in strain measurements

The findings of WASE COVID were that left ventricular longitudinal strain and right ventricle free wall strain were independently associated with mortality. Even more importantly, AI-driven measurements were much better at predicting death than manual ones. This fact indicates that machine learning will soon become the norm in echocardiography measurements. This will make serial measurements much more meaningful and multi-center studies easier than ever!

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